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Check Your REAL Car Condition

Don't buy a car without knowing the REAL history!

Scrut is a shortform for scrutinising. Scrut.my is a platform to provide you with a full japan car auction history

The auction history will give you a comprehensive report including odometer, condition, and accidents.

The report is instantly available after payment has been made.

You can know if the vehicle odometer has been tempered, the actual condition of the car, and any accident report. Sometimes you may also get the auction pictures and the sale price.

We charge 50 credits for each report. You can topup your account credit. The more you topup, the cheaper it will be.

Our auction records available from 2007 onwards.

Kindly download the guide here : https://scrut.my/guide.pdf

We accept Credit Cards and FPX (Online Banking).

At this moment, we only provide Japan auction reports.

Simply enter you car chassis or frame number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

We can provide you at an additional fee for Export Certificated. Please contact [email protected]

Most likely your can has been sold via a car dealer not through auction. In this case we cannot provide any auction history. However you can always ask us to check the export certificate if you want to check the mileage.

Yes. Kindly contact us at [email protected]

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